Randy Labisores

Retired Navy Veteran

Ewa Beach, HI

"Ian played a pivotal role in saving my life. I had a successful prostatectomy procedure and am now cancer free"

"We refinanced our home 3 years ago. That’s when we inquired with Ian Warkol about Mortgage Protection Insurance. At that time, Ian helped my wife Shirley to get a North American term policy with Living Benefits.

However, when it was time for me to inquire about life insurance, it was a different story. I had a high PSA level and unfortunately, I got declined for coverage. Even though I lost all hope, Ian still encouraged me to follow up with my Urologist to complete a biopsy. I later found out I was diagnosed with Stage 2 prostate cancer.

Thankfully, due to Ian's timely intervention, I was able to catch my cancer early and receive proper treatment without losing my life. Unexpectedly, Ian still continued to follow up with me even after three years. He helped me secure a Prudential term policy at a favorable rate.

Based on my experience with Ian, I am more than satisfied. He shows his true colors of sincerity by not forgetting about me. He was a great communicator and we enjoyed sharing heartfelt conversations about our lives and family. Ian is an exceptional broker who will work hard to find a company that provides the best value for his clients.

My wife Shirley and I are looking forward to our first grandchild due in a few months and our Ohana (family) is forever grateful to him."

Paul Alvaro

Pipe Fitter

Ewa Beach, HI

"Based on my experience with other agents, I found that Ian being an all-in-one broker doesn’t push any product. He literally listens to your needs and wants by helping you find the right policy to protect your family. I no longer carry a burden of worry for finding the top insurance plan to cover my mortgage requirements!"

"Looking for life insurance? If the answer is yes, the next step is to find a policy that makes the most sense and fits your budget. Agents always represent the best company with a great track record. Unfortunately, some of the previous agents I dealt with weren’t listening to what I wanted. I got the sense their presentation was all about showing me a policy that met their standards with a higher premium.

After ending my quest for finding affordable coverage, a few months later, I received a mortgage protection letter in the mail. My inquiry led to receiving a phone call from Ian, where he discussed all my insurance options. I just needed a simple term life plan to cover my mortgage. I got more than just that with Ian.

He introduced a new product that not only protects my home, but offers an income in the form of living benefits. I never knew there are policies that’ll pay out while you’re alive! I thought I was going to need something like Aflac to cover my income in case I was injured and couldn’t return to work. Not only was his recommendation price-friendly, but he also found a great tax-free retirement plan for my 10 year child.

This could have not happened if it wasn’t for Ian’s extensive knowledge across the board. He brings a lot on the table, especially since he’s extremely patient and available. Even during off business hours, Ian would still make the effort to respond quickly, sometimes during late evenings.

To me, Ian’s high level of care and hospitable qualities meant a lot in the sense that my time felt extremely valued. After a year of getting covered, he still responds to my text and emails in a timely fashion. Just give Ian a call and compare for yourself. He will not let you down. Mahalo Ian!

Mark Diego

Longshoreman Mechanic

Mililani, HI

"I am forever grateful and will never forget how hard Ian went above-and-beyond to help me save money. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a conscientious broker who genuinely cares about my needs in obtaining affordable coverage."

"Aloha All,

We recently refinanced in Feb, and throughout the process we were offered Mortgage Protection insurance. With that, we were in contact with Ian Warkol. Even before getting into our insurance options, we talked about life and family. At first I was skeptical, but as we conversed, I felt more and more comfortable.

Going forward, Ian found Foresters Mortgage Protection and we applied. At 47 years of age, I'm a little husky(LOL) with no medical conditions, but I do chew tobacco. Nonetheless, Ian was still able to get me a non-smoker rate despite what other agents have told me in the past.

With that, Foresters did NOT require a physical and I qualified immediately. This wouldn't have been possible without Ian's tireless work ethic and his commitment to finding his client the best possible policy to fit our budget. Even being thousands of miles away in Hawaii, Ian's dedication to us is unsurpassed.

We strongly recommend Ian Warkol for your insurance needs. He's more of our Ohana (family) than our Agent."

Edwin Fontillas

Operations Analyst

Ewa Beach, HI

"I trusted Ian throughout the entire process. That’s saying a lot since our business was conducted over the phone rather than in person."

"I am a retired Marine and have faithfully served in the U.S. Marine Corps for over 21 years. I thought I had a firm understanding of the Veteran's Group Life Insurance (VGLI), but I was hugely mistaken. Ian Warkol educated me on how VGLI would significantly cost me more by nearly doubling every 5 years."

I was totally shocked and had no idea how much I would be paying as I get older. Ian then educated me on the benefits of obtaining a more affordable private life insurance plan. After reviewing different options, he was able to secure a 20 year term with a fixed rate that never increases.

I think what made Ian different compared to other agents is that he never gave up on me considering my underlying health conditions. He went above and beyond to match me with a reputable carrier that would accept me with my medical history.

Ian is a true professional who’s honest and very knowledgeable about life insurance. He doesn't beat around the bush and does a very good job keeping everything simple and understandable.

I fully recommend him to be your go-to life insurance broker. He knows his craft very well and will work diligently to help you save money on your military group plan!

Thanks Ian for all your help and patience!"

Yovo & Michelle Stefanov

Financial IT Manager

Honolulu, HI

"If you’re looking for someone who can help you with life insurance to protect your mortgage, I highly recommend Ian."

"About a couple of months ago, I filled out a mortgage protection form. I wanted to obtain more information about protecting my house and loved ones, especially since I am a father of a newborn.

After submitting my form, a gentleman by the name of Ian Warkol contacted me and we discussed finding the right life insurance product for me & my wife Michelle.

I initially applied and got quotes from other insurance companies, but after speaking with Ian, I realized there was a much better product with living benefits! Not only did my plan cover me and my wife in the event of a critical illness or disability, but Ian was able to save me money compared to other insurance companies.

I ended obtaining coverage with American National. I was surprised to know that my 30 year term automatically came with living benefits, which doesn’t appear to be an offered perk with other life insurance companies.

"I would like to thank Ian for his time, strong knowledge base, and patience. He did a really good job answering all my questions thoroughly. I couldn’t ask for a better agent than Ian- mahalo."

Gynard & Melveen Camba

Registered Nurse

Ewa Beach, HI

"I genuinely felt Ian cared about what’s best for my family. Thank you for making the whole process simple."

"When I received Ian’s form in the mail, what initially caught my eye were the added benefits of return of premium and the critical illness care. I decided to give Ian a call and the first thing he did was walk me through his website.

The plan that he recommended included a trio of benefits: Long Term Care, Critical Illness, and the option to receive a full refund after a certain term period. As a registered nurse with a young family, this made the most sense to me. After Ian gave me a few options, my husband Gynard and I ended up choosing the Plan with the trio of benefits.

One of the things that I enjoyed about our conversation was the fact that he was easy going. Because Ian solely focused on my needs, I never felt rushed in making a decision."

Dean Hughes

Construction Supervisor

Wahiawa, HI

"If you’re looking for a college tuition and tax free plan for your children, check out Ian’s program."

"I would like to give Ian a big Mahalo for helping me find a policy that lowered my monthly payments, but increased my coverage. As a Broker he has access to many Life Insurance companies, so he would know which company would benefit me the most. Many agents I spoke to in the past don't have this kind of versatility to pair you with the right company.

Had I gone with another agent specialized in one company, I probably would have spent more money, time, and energy. Ian's facilitator and coaching role were a perfect match for obtaining life insurance coverage simply and hassle-free.

He also told me about the IUL Program, which would provide a tax-benefit for my Keiki and Mo’opuna."

Alexander Toledo

General Maintenance Supervisor

Hilo, HI

"Ian was so persistent in investigating every option that was out there and never gave up."

"I’d like to take this time to thank Ian for really wanting to find me a policy that was suitable for me. I am a heavy set man in my 50's, and we know how hard it can be to find a policy that will work for myself.

In the end, he found a whole life product without a height and weight chart with a company called Aetna. I appreciate Ian’s strong dedication in going the extra mile for protecting my wife and kids.

It was a pleasure working with you and I will definitely pass on a good word to anyone I know that needs life insurance. Thanks again for your persistence and commitment to me and my family."

California Testimonials

David Azizi

Personal Injury Lawyer

Los Angeles, CA

"Ian is a true professional. He explained everything in detail and followed up at every step to make sure that there were no issues!"

"I am almost 50 years old and I have had three other life insurance policies since age 29. In comparison to obtaining these policies, my experience with Ian was fantastic. The underwriting process with North American was very fast considering the size of my coverage. In less than one week, I got approved at the best rate even without a medical exam.

In spite of these successes, what made this plan more special than the others I own is the chronic illness benefit. If I become chronically ill or need nursing home care assistance, I can use this policy to pay for such expenses. None of my current plans have this benefit, so I appreciate Ian for arming me with a second layer of coverage! All it does is safeguard my income granting more of a financial peace of mind for unforeseeable events.

Thank you Ian for making everything possible for me. I owe it to you! Your hard work, in-depth knowledge, and candor will not be forgotten. I would highly recommend Ian to anyone looking to get life insurance. He made sure I got an A++ policy."

Myles Saunders

Retired Neurosurgeon

Beverly Hills, CA

"I found Ian on the Net. We made plans to meet on several occasions. He was prompt and well prepared. He listened to my needs and initially gave me an overview of what to expect."

"On the subsequent meeting, he made a concrete recommendation which was well reasoned but slightly expensive. He adeptly made some changes in his recommendation which then satisfied all of my needs.

He works with the well know carriers and I ended up with American General. I researched the Company and was satisfied as to legitimacy, sustainability, etc. Although Mr. Warkol was professional and knowledgeable, I had found him on the Internet rather than through a friend or anyone that had known him. I investigated and found his insurance broker’s license number and standing in California—all of which showed him to be in good standing.

I am happy working with Mr. Warkol on all levels and recommend him to you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 310-487-5555. I hope that this has been of use to you."

Doug Weyek

Software Engineer

Camarillo, CA

"It was truly impressive to see Ian in his element. He is the type of person that literally reads each insurance provider's manual so that he knows which one will be the best fit."

"Planning for your Life Insurance needs can be a very stressful process. We can’t express enough how Ian helped alleviate our stress, filling us with confidence that he was going to find the best product for our family.

My wife and I wanted to make sure our family would be protected and provided for should anything happen to me. However when you have any type of medical condition or are not the ideal weight, finding an affordable policy can be difficult. The first quote we received from a different broker gave us sticker shock. We wanted to protect our family but not at the expense of overpaying for coverage.

That’s when we turned to Ian for advice. He has been a good friend to us for several years but we never “talked shop”. After listening carefully to our needs and concerns, Ian provided a personalized quote based on my overall health. He recommended Lincoln Financial. The whole process and turnaround time was quick and easy and at the end, we got a fantastic rate. I now have the protection for my wife and children paying thousands less from my previous offer.

Ian is truly an expert in his field and will take the time to make sure he finds the right product for you. He knows the ins and outs of the industry and will make sure to look out for your best interests. Thank you Ian for helping our family!"