Federal Employee Testimonials

Raymond Peterson

Aviation Safety Inspector

Federal Aviation Administration

"It is my pleasure to recommend Mr. Ian Warkol to my Federal Employee peers."

"I was an individual who for many years focused on the success of my Organization and didn’t realize how I paid enormous amounts to maintain FEGLI for over two decades.

Then it hit me! I responded to an email from Ian and it resulted in making one of the best decisions in my career.

Ian described my situation expertly with respect and was exactly correct to the penny! He then recommended an insurance carrier to me and carefully explained his reasoning. He was very focused on wanting me to fully understand each step and decision. I wholeheartedly agreed with his logic. The result was a policy containing exactly what my wife and I desired for coverage, and we were also able to capture a superb rate. This resulted in a total win-win.

Mr. Warkol truly has a solid understanding of his profession and is highly committed to his customers’ success. It is a blessing to have worked with this man and his team."

Vanessa Lovelace

Computer Specialist

Federal Aviation Administration

"Ian Warkol was so knowledgeable, helpful and patient with me when he explained all the benefits, making sure I clearly understood all the insurance provided."

"My biggest impression was the, “Living Benefits” feature which pays me when or if I get sick and can’t work.

The federal government offers a similar plan but you have to pay a separate price. This policy Ian found for me is included in the low cost price. I could not beat that!

No matter how many questions I had, Ian remained professional, patient and courteous. I appreciated his demeanor very much. He made sure I truly understood what my family would receive if anything happened to me or if I got sick.

Lastly, and to sound like a commercial, the price remains the same no matter how old I get. That was a win win in my books. Thanks Ian for looking out for me and my family!"

Deborah Nesbitt

Program Manager

U.S. Custom Border Protection

"I highly recommend Mr. Ian Warkol to fellow Federal employees for life insurance needs."

"I found Ian Warkol in the nick of time, less than three months before I turned 55 (when FEGLI rates double). He has a clear understanding of FEGLI and gave me a detailed cost savings analysis present outside of the FEGLI program.

After discussing my needs, Mr. Warkol provided several options. I decided on a Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance policy through AIG with coverage to age 90, with premiums less than what I would have paid for FEGLI coverage.

Mr. Warkol was able to get all the prerequisites completed including my free health screening and paperwork for my policy to be in effect before my 55th birthday. He also helped me complete the FEGLI cancellation form so that I can only cancelled the expensive Option B and kept the Basic plan.

In addition, he has always responded quickly when I have emailed, called, or texted."

Mike Bira

Environmental Scientist

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

"I highly recommend Mr. Warkol. We found him to be very knowledgeable in the insurance industry. We also greatly appreciate his patience in clearly presenting my options for over 30 carriers. We ultimately chose American General and are happy with our coverage."

"I am a federal employee, and have been in full time employment with the US Environmental Protection Agency for over 28 years. When I was initially employed, I signed up for the FEGLI family plan, since I had two small children. As our kids have grown and moved out, I decided to look for alternative life insurance, which only covered my wife and myself. After finding this website, I sent an inquiry to know more about federal life insurance plans and the options available for a person in my situation.

Within a few hours, I was contacted by Ian Warkol, and after several correspondences, I am happy to say that Mr. Warkol has been very helpful. The fact that I live in Texas and Mr. Warkol lives and works in California was not an issue in securing a very good rate for life insurance.

The monthly costs for my FEGLI coverage was over $350 per month. Mr. Warkol was able to find a reduced, level premium term plan for both my wife and I, at only $86 per month. We are very happy with our savings.

Ian was very patient with explaining my benefits options, and his facilitation in switching from FEGLI made the process very understandable, smooth, and simple."

James Rosebrock

Operations Officer

Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives

"I highly recommend Mr. Warkol. He is a true professional. He is patient and can clearly explain the process. He will outline options, costs, and savings."

"I am a federal employee and have served in the US. Army and Departments of Treasury and Justice for the past 39 years. I have always carried FEGLI Option B coverage, but I confess not being aware that I was facing significant escalating FEGLI rates as I grow older.

Thankfully, I heard about Ian Warkol and his website on the Internet and decided to contact him. After speaking with him several times, I can confidently say he knows the insurance business inside out. He also genuinely understands the perspective of federal employees and how FEGLI works.

After he patiently and clearly explained the entire simple process, I purchased an AIG term policy. I couldn’t be more ecstatic to know my premium will not increase and I will save $88,000 over the 20 year span of the policy.

I did, though, had some concerns about my medical history and the physical exam and tests that I needed to take prior to moving forward. Based on Ian’s expertise in this industry, he told me my concerns wouldn’t negatively affect my eligibility. And what do you know; he was spot on right!"

David Stromer

Executive Director

United States Department of Agriculture

"I am very grateful to have worked with Ian because he gave my family the best of both worlds: financial peace of mind if God forbid I get chronically ill or pass away."

"I started working with Ian about 5 years ago after my wife died of cancer. My term policy was going to expire, my FEGLI was very expensive and I knew I still needed coverage. Ian found me excellent rates on term life insurance. So I terminated my FEGLI and went with straight term. This past March I turned 59 and realized, the term I had requested was only for 20 years; that would put me at 75 and no longer covered again.

After discussing my situation with Ian, he introduced me to a lifetime Living Benefits insurance policy, which has more features than a simple plain vanilla term product. This benefit at no additional cost covers my medical expenses for terminal, chronic, or critical illnesses such as but not limited to heart attacks, cancer, and disability.

Such an invaluable benefit at a very affordable premium really spoke to me because of my wife passing away from cancer 8 years ago. If only she had a policy like this, our lives would’ve been significantly different. We would’ve enjoyed more trips and experiences with the family and made more and lasting memories.

Even though we lost a loved one, I am thankful that my needs were fully satisfied sooner rather than later. Ian was truly watching out for my best interest and doing more than making a sale. Something we all need!"

Michael Payne

Supervisory Management Analyst

Department of Veterans Affairs

"The more we spoke, the more I realized he was an extremely honest, up-front person whose main concern was making sure I received the coverage my family needed at an affordable price."

"I recently had a very pleasant experience working with Ian Warkol regarding my life insurance. As a federal employee, I had life insurance offered through work and didn’t much thought to change my current plan. Then I realized, the cost of life insurance rises significantly as you age, and through my research for alternatives, I located Ian and started a conversation with him.

Over time we spoke many times, making sure everything was correct and progressing as needed. I could not be happier with the insurance company and coverage Ian obtained for me!

Even though he had to work harder for us than others as an existing medical condition was identified, spending the extra time and effort ultimately led to fruition. My wife and I have recommended Ian’s services to others and will continue to do so, showing how impressed we were with him."


Retired Program Specialist

Department of Health and Human Services

"Ian was always available via phone, email, or fax, and was extremely pleasant and knowledgeable about all aspects of my decision making process. Mr. Warkol is honest and trustworthy. I have not regretted my decision to purchase the Life Insurance Policy."

"I worked with Mr. Ian Warkol for several months in spring and summer of 2016, when I was preparing to retire from the Federal Government after 42 years. My dilemma was how best to provide a survivor benefit for my husband, who is 12 years older than I, and who would be destitute without my income.

In order to provide him with 50% of my pension, I would have to reduce my pension by over $10,000 annually until he passed away. I had FEGLI life insurance but after retirement the insurance premiums would increase astronomically as I aged, or if I chose not to pay, premiums would decrease by 75% over 4 years.

Mr. Warkol assisted me in making a decision to purchase a $300,000 life insurance policy which costed me $3,800 per year, in lieu of losing $10,000 per year from my pension. The policy is for 15 years.

It was a pleasure to work with Ian. He provided me with analytics, calculators, detailed saving reports of FEGLI vs. AIG, letters of recommendation from previous clients, various options, and background and history of AIG."

Cathy Ehli

Sr. Project Manager

Bonneville Power Administration

"I will now save over $150,000 throughout the term of my new policy compared to what I would have spent had I retained the FEGLI coverage."

"Since the beginning of my career at Bonneville Power Administration, I have carried the Federal Employee Group Life Insurance (FEGLI) Option B coverage. I did so as it was important to me to secure family protection for my spouse and child."

"After reviewing my Leave & Earnings statement, I realized that at age 55 my insurance premium was adjusted and I was charged with a 50% rate increase! Upon further exploration, I discovered that my FEGLI premium would continue to dramatically escalate with age from this point forward.

Ian Warkol, a highly experienced life insurance broker specializing in the federal employee market, contacted me to discuss alternatives that could save me a significant amount over the escalating FEGLI premiums. I took him up on his offer and it was the best decision I could have made.

Mr. Warkol took his time educating me on all of my coverage options, despite how many questions I asked. His patience was endless as his primary concern was that I thoroughly understood the choices I had. He made himself available to meet my schedule, was quick to respond to concerns or questions I had, and understood my personal situation. He wanted to make double sure he could provide the best life insurance product for me and my family.

And that’s what he did in full integrity!I was very pleased with him as a broker, and all the different array of products he could offer. I decided to purchase a plan with AIG. I now have life insurance with a premium that will not increase for a period of 29 years.

I highly recommend Mr. Warkol for your life insurance coverage needs."

David Lindholm

Air Traffic Controller Specialist

Federal Aviation Administration

"My wife and I would like to thank you for your exceptional efforts in gaining me long term life insurance with AIG."

"From the moment we started, you were clear and exceptionally helpful in navigating me through this process. When questions arose you had experience to know what I needed to do.

As I am a large male, it was important that I capture the rate before I turned 60 as my federal life insurance would have doubled upon my 60th birthday and continued to grow uncontrollably.

You stated it takes usually 4-8 weeks to get an approval from the life insurance company and we came in at just under 60 days with a policy offer. That was quite accurate and stellar if you asked me!

The less than expected rate was an extra bonus." 

William Dunk

Deputy Forest Supervisor

United States Department of Agriculture

"Don’t hesitate to work with Ian or make a change that will save you and your family a huge amount of money. In my case it will pay for one of my kids to go to college!!!"

"Ian Warkol was and is simply awesome to work with on finding new life insurance options outside of the FEGLIP. He is extremely knowledgeable about how to work with federal employees current insurance and found a great match for my needs that will save me a lot of money over the next 20 years.

Ian clearly communicated my options and found a match with a well renowned insurance company (Mutual of Omaha). He is genuine and professional, which meant a lot to me in choosing to move forward to make a change. This high level of customer service made the difference for me."