"My sole mission is to simplify your interests, and save you time, money, and headaches by properly matching your unique profile with the right life and health insurance plan."

Ian Warkol

Independent Life And Health Broker


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Ian Warkol began his career as a life insurance agent when he worked at a call center. After less than a year of working in the trenches, as a fast learner, he became the top producer. From there, he used his expertise and in-depth knowledge to expand beyond the corporate world by starting his own business and becoming an independent life broker.

With over 15 years of financial services experience, Ian has a strong passion to serve his clients abundantly. He first does this by going above-and-beyond the norm of continuously staying up-to-date with the rigorous industry standards, underwriting regulations, and code of ethics.

Secondly, he's contracted with more than 30 life and health carriers and licensed in more than 30 states. What this means is with a wider network, he's more available to better serve his clients and match them with literally the best life and health insurance rates among highly rated companies.

Although, based on his title, it may seem as though he primarily serves federal employees, he can assure you, this is not the case. His services also extend to ANYONE looking for life insurance or medical coverage.

In addition, Ian's firm understanding of all the underwriting specialties and nuances for many companies, is a big plus for his clients. He can easily pair them with the right company most suitable to their health, budget, and needs. This saves his clients tremendous time, money, and headaches.

Ian also brings the highest degree of exceptional service. He listens thoroughly to all his clients' needs and works diligently with them to implement a well-grounded plan that helps meet their financial, health, and coverage concerns. He believes that putting his clients first and maintaining the utmost level of professionalism is a must that has never steered him wrong.

For what he's accomplished, his clients are forever grateful for his high level of service, honesty, transparency, and integrity. They value him as a professional broker, adviser, and friend who genuinely cares about their well-being by solely looking after their interest only.

Accolades And Titles

As A Registered Member Of The

National Ethics Association

Ian's code of ethics is further solidified to ensure transparency and integrity in every business relationship and transaction.

Obtained For Five Consecutive Years

Elite Agents Award

For exceeding customer satisfaction and sales production ranking top 10 among more than 10,000 agents.






Strong Knowledge As An

Underwriting Specialist

Even though, Ian doesn't have the authority to underwrite and approve cases, as a veteran broker, he can match your health to the most lenient underwriting company.

Offers Sound Advice As A

Living Benefits Specialist

For an all-in-one solution that covers certain illnesses (e.g. heart attack, stroke, cancer, etc.) or chronic impairments (e.g. like long term care, disability, etc.).

A Hospitable And Committed

FEGLI Specialist

Who acts as a sensible mentor to properly educate federal employees about benefits and costs of each FEGLI plan including Basic, Option A, Option B (most expensive), and Option C.

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