California Testimonials

David Azizi

Personal Injury Lawyer

Los Angeles, CA

"Ian is a true professional. He explained everything in detail and followed up at every step to make sure that there were no issues!"

"I am almost 50 years old and I have had three other life insurance policies since age 29. In comparison to obtaining these policies, my experience with Ian was fantastic. The underwriting process with North American was very fast considering the size of my coverage. In less than one week, I got approved at the best rate even without a medical exam.

In spite of these successes, what made this plan more special than the others I own is the chronic illness benefit. If I become chronically ill or need nursing home care assistance, I can use this policy to pay for such expenses. None of my current plans have this benefit, so I appreciate Ian for arming me with a second layer of coverage! All it does is safeguard my income granting more of a financial peace of mind for unforeseeable events.

Thank you Ian for making everything possible for me. I owe it to you! Your hard work, in-depth knowledge, and candor will not be forgotten. I would highly recommend Ian to anyone looking to get life insurance. He made sure I got an A++ policy."

Myles Saunders

Retired Neurosurgeon

Beverly Hills, CA

"I found Ian on the Net. We made plans to meet on several occasions. He was prompt and well prepared. He listened to my needs and initially gave me an overview of what to expect."

"On the subsequent meeting, he made a concrete recommendation which was well reasoned but slightly expensive. He adeptly made some changes in his recommendation which then satisfied all of my needs.

He works with the well know carriers and I ended up with American General. I researched the Company and was satisfied as to legitimacy, sustainability, etc. Although Mr. Warkol was professional and knowledgeable, I had found him on the Internet rather than through a friend or anyone that had known him. I investigated and found his insurance broker’s license number and standing in California—all of which showed him to be in good standing.

I am happy working with Mr. Warkol on all levels and recommend him to you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 310-487-5555. I hope that this has been of use to you."

Doug Weyek

Software Engineer

Camarillo, CA

"It was truly impressive to see Ian in his element. He is the type of person that literally reads each insurance provider's manual so that he knows which one will be the best fit."

"Planning for your Life Insurance needs can be a very stressful process. We can’t express enough how Ian helped alleviate our stress, filling us with confidence that he was going to find the best product for our family.

My wife and I wanted to make sure our family would be protected and provided for should anything happen to me. However when you have any type of medical condition or are not the ideal weight, finding an affordable policy can be difficult. The first quote we received from a different broker gave us sticker shock. We wanted to protect our family but not at the expense of overpaying for coverage.

That’s when we turned to Ian for advice. He has been a good friend to us for several years but we never “talked shop”. After listening carefully to our needs and concerns, Ian provided a personalized quote based on my overall health. He recommended Lincoln Financial. The whole process and turnaround time was quick and easy and at the end, we got a fantastic rate. I now have the protection for my wife and children paying thousands less from my previous offer.

Ian is truly an expert in his field and will take the time to make sure he finds the right product for you. He knows the ins and outs of the industry and will make sure to look out for your best interests. Thank you Ian for helping our family!"

Carol Rupp


San Diego, CA

"I was approved for my insurance without any issues. Ian explained in a way that I can understand and made the entire experience comfortable over the phone. I felt that I was in good hands with his expertise."

"I hadn't realized the importance of securing life insurance for myself beyond what my workplace provided until I reached out to Ian. Since I am a woman of a 'certain age', I wasn't sure that private outside insurance would be affordable. With three children relying on me, the responsibility weighed even more on my shoulders. The financial aspects were daunting, and I had a myriad of questions about the best type of coverage for my situation – term or whole life?

When I initially connected with Ian, he became more than just an insurance advisor; he became a source of comfort and understanding. Ian not only addressed every concern with patience and empathy but also made me feel heard and valued in this journey.

Getting approved for my insurance was a seamless process, thanks to Ian's unwavering support and integrity. He transformed what could have been a stressful ordeal into an easy and simple experience. His compassion and attentiveness made all the difference, turning a financial decision into a heartfelt commitment to my family's well-being.

Now, I have the peace of mind securing a legacy for my loved ones."

Aníbal López


San Diego, CA

"During our collaboration, I appreciated the good organizational skills demonstrated by Ian and his assistant. Their commitment to keeping me consistently informed about the whole process contributed significantly to a positive experience!"

"As the pastor of a vibrant church located in the heart of San Diego, California, I am delighted to share my outstanding experience with Ian. His honesty in articulating intricate details stood out as something I appreciated the most.

We met on Zoom to do a policy review. Ian explained all the “ins and outs” thoroughly answering all my questions about the living benefits and money back option. We also got to know each other on a more personal level, further strengthening our relationship. This built another layer of trust for me as most life insurance brokers don’t take the necessary time to deeply connect personally.

My encounter with Ian has been nothing short of exceptional! He was able to get me a fast approval without a medical exam. He’s someone you can count on to help you find the best life insurance coverage!

Thanks to Ian, I will spread the good word to my fellow church community."


Sharon Spencer


Vallejo, CA

"My experience with Ian was awesome. He led me through the process and within 24 hours, my spouse was approved! I'm very impressed by Ian’s work ethic in getting us a non-med, affordable policy for covering our final expenses."

"I am honored to provide feedback for Ian Warkol. I am highly pleased with the services that Ian provides as our Life Insurance Agent. There is so much going on these days with the pandemic. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that securing a good life insurance policy is what we need. It’s essential in preventing unnecessary hardships for our loved ones in the event of our departure. 

During our conversations, I was impressed how organized and knowledgeable Ian was in the insurance business. He explained to me the need for additional life insurance and today’s cost of burial insurance easily. I respected his honesty with me as we maneuvered through the process. 

I do appreciate Ian for providing me with a great life insurance policy. It’s set up to be paid automatically through my social security. I now feel more secure with a higher coverage policy for my husband.  If you need a dependable life insurance agent, believe me, Ian Warkol is the man. 

Thank you, Ian, for everything you did for my family!"

Eduardo Advincula

Certified Nursing Assistant

San Jose, CA

"I have had unpleasant experiences with prior agents mainly because of their lack of expertise. However, the vibe with Ian was the complete opposite. He’s well-versed with many contracted carriers and his sincerity and honesty were something I will never forget."

"The first time I spoke with Ian on the phone, he gave me some thoughts to ponder upon. One of the talking points we spoke about was living benefits with National Life Group. I never knew what that was until I met Ian and he explained it so simply and easily.

Because of his full transparency without leaving any loose ends, I felt very comfortable to do business with him. He has all the good qualities an agent should have such as humility, kindness, compassion, and utmost care to serve his clients to the fullest potential! What I enjoyed most about him was first listening attentively to my needs before presenting me with a quote.

I feel very blessed I found Ian through a Facebook ad. He’s such a genuine, helpful, down to earth agent making me feel at home. Thank you Ian for protecting my family and I’m happy to refer you to my colleagues. God bless!"

Philip Orioste


Panorama City, CA

"Ian’s help and transparency made me feel at ease to discuss all of my concerns and needs about life insurance."

"I came across Ian through submitting an online Facebook no medical inquiry form. It was the first time I heard about this kind of policy, so I wanted to learn more. I felt comfortable speaking with him simply because he explained all the details very methodically. He took very good care of me making sure all the paperwork was done accurately and completely.

What I appreciated most about Ian was his persistence in never giving up on me. He helped me overcome the most difficult hurdle: getting two life policies for the best security for my family despite my challenging health history. Even though I was declined with other agents, I was impressed that Ian managed to secure not just one but two policies. He’s truly a specialist in making the process easy without a medical exam!

I should recommend and say that Ian is one of the best life insurance agents I have ever met. Thank you for giving me a chance to write this testimonial. God bless you immensely!"

Ross Lucas


Snelling, CA

"Ian took the time to answer all my questions connecting with me on a personal level. He was very professional and followed through when he promised."

"After looking for life insurance online, I found Ian on social media.

He got me the desirable coverage I needed with a much longer duration than my existing term policy. It was a great fit, both financially and for my age. The approval process happened very quickly within 24 hours.

What impressed me the most about Ian was his patience in helping me understand everything I needed to know and then some. Now I have coverage at a fair price without needing to worry about anything when I am gone!

I feel very blessed to have found an experienced broker online. I will definitely pass on a good word to my fellow congregation and pastors!"

Elizabeth Soleimany


Glendale, CA

"I am very happy with the piece of mind policy Ian recommended to me. This comprehensive coverage includes living benefits to protect me from unforeseen events, like cancer or home health care. He fully explained the options and guided me step by step without rushing me given how busy I am as a teacher."

"During the application process, Ian was able to find me an all-inclusive plan that also doesn’t require a medical exam. One of the standout features this policy has compared to the norm is the living benefits component. What this can do is help relieve financial pressures during a health scare moment. It’s beautiful in the sense that my children will never be burdened to take care of me if a grave illness ever hits me.

God bless Ian! He’s priceless and is the one who will get the job done protecting your family. Ty so much" 🙏🥰

Qadeer Azam

Office Supplies Owner

Northridge, CA

"I recently purchased an AIG life insurance policy from Ian Warkol. I am extremely satisfied with my decision because of his exceptional customer service. He was able to find me a policy that best suited my budget, health, and the coverage my family needs."

"As someone with diabetes, I understand the importance of planning for the future and making sure that my family is taken care of. I was initially hesitant to get life insurance due to my diagnosis. However, I was very pleased Ian made the process of purchasing the policy very straightforward.

He was able to find me an affordable 20 year term plan with an A rated company. I never thought this would be possible due to my chronic condition. Don't let your health issues hold you back from getting the protection you and your family need.

If you have diabetes or other impairments, I highly recommend exploring your options with Ian. He will guide you in the right direction and will ensure everything is well taken care of from start to finish. His professionalism and strong attention to detail truly sets him apart from the competition."